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Observing the Tea Party Principles of Smaller Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Debt Free Future and Secure Borders




The Cochise County Tea Party began like most, as a group of concerned citizens outraged by government over reach and over spending at every level.  In 2009 we thought Bush’s spending and increasing of the national debt was as bad as it could get and we were determined to change the complexion of Washington DC.  We didn’t really know anything about the election process, how to run campaigns,  primaries, data banks, polls, walking lists,  fundraising – the list goes on and on.  We didn’t know the difference between a liberal and a progressive or a Democrat, or the difference between a Republican and a conservative. We just knew that we were fed up and Taxed Enough Already


​In 2009 Tea Party groups across the country united by phone in weekly conference calls to exchange ideas, provide support, and decided on a set of core values: reduce government spending, stop the growth of government and create a better economy. Cochise County Tea Party has always included a 4th core value to Secure the Border. Using these core values we would change the national political conversation.


Tea Party Patriots is the national grassroots umbrella organization that grew out of those weekly calls and the tradition continues every week. Every Sunday Local Coordinators in most States attend the weekly webinar that continues to educate, train, inform and unite Tea Party groups in a common direction.


Have we made a difference? Absolutely! In 2010 there was a landslide election that sent enough Republicans to the House to change the leadership. 2012 was another wave election though hardly noticed by Obama’s re-election. The wave was in the States electing the majority of Governors as Republicans. Nearly 17 States also elected a Republican majority in their State House and Senate creating a “tri-fecta” leadership. In 2014, the Senate was given a Republican Majority and the House increased by an additional 30.  

In spite of these victories, the Republican establishment, in collusion with the Democrat establishment, has failed to curb spending, cut the size of government, secure the border, improve the economy or repeal/replace Obamacare despite promises to do so.   The upshot is that 40 members of the very conservative House Freedom Caucus forced Speaker John Boehner to resign and controlled the election process of the new Speaker.  Yes, the Tea Party is directly responsible for these events. Tea Party people, and other liberty groups from across the nation, have been calling for the Speakers resignation for over a year due to the House constantly caving on issue after issue when they have a huge majority. 


So who are the Tea Party people? For the most part, we are your grandparents or your parents. We are also your Aunts and Uncles, your banker, your Insurance Agent, the clerk in the grocery store,  the Post man, your Accountant, the plumber, the baker, the TV repair man, just about anyone you could come in contact with any day of the week.  Tea Party people are not right wing extremists the left and the main stream media have painted; they are actually middle-of-the-road, center and slightly right, every day people.  Most have never been politically active except to vote, hadn’t ever attended a political rally and never met the people they voted for.


Tea Party people are also accused of being pro-Republican but the majority are registered independents being unhappy with both sides of the aisle.  We have learned that being conservative is not the same as being a Republican.  We have learned a lot in 6 years. 




We learned that there are about 80 real Conservative Republicans in all of Congress who will stand on principle and fight for their campaign platforms to reduce the size of government, stop the out of control spending, and keep the Federal bureaucrats from imposing over reaching and unconstitutional regulations on us all.  The other 455 members of Congress have been re-elected too many times and care more about their relationships with lobbyist than they do with the people they  represent.  


Fortunately, the “sleeping giant” has been awakened and citizens are once again exercising their civic authority with those who they elect.  The Founding Fathers intended for this Republic to be governed from the bottom up and for citizens to be engaged in every level of the process.  They wrote the Constitution to create a form of government that stands the tests of time and of man which is why it is just as relevant today as when it was written.  It is also why there is resurgence in the study of the Constitution and its tenets to guide the way back to our birthrights of Freedom and Liberty.



We have learned that we as individuals can effect our local governments by simply showing up to City Council and Board of Supervisors meetings and speaking up at the “Call to the Public” about issues that concern us. 


We have learned that bringing State Representatives and Senators to our meetings to keep us abreast of issues in the State Legislature has developed an open dialogue with our elected leaders.


 We have learned that by creating a Statewide network of conservative groups each with a cadre of activists, we can effect legislation as it is happening on the floor of the Houses of the Legislature with a phone call or emails. 


We have learned how to run an Initiative Campaign when we felt the Red Light Cameras were only intended to raise revenues and were not for safety.  Our Initiative won with 75% of the voter’s approval and local interest increased the number of voters for any off year election, ever.


We have also learned that in spite of 3 landslide elections putting the Republican’s solidly in power that people will say one thing to get elected to Congress then turn around when they get to DC and forget who put them there. 




Core Values – What We Stand For


Tea Party groups across the nation have adopted 3 core principles that we use to assess all issues that we become involved in: Is the issue Constitutional?, Will it grow government and increase our debt?, Does it create jobs or improve the economy?

Initiatives and referendums we support will clearly advance one, or all three of these principles. We also use these principles to evaluate potential candidates. While we do not endorse candidates we do evaluate and publish “grades” based on their responses to these principles. These questions apply to local, county, state and federal issues and candidates. Many voters use our guides during elections to make decisions on issues and candidates. Our guidelines are available a month before the elections so everyone will have a chance to read the issues and evaluate candidates.


Constitutionally Limited Government - Personal Freedom

The Founding Fathers created a Constitutional Republic because it is the fairest system of governance by limiting central governments and thus guaranteeing freedom for the individual. Article I section 8 of the Constitution clearly defines the enumerated powers of the federal government.


In the Bill of Rights, the first eight Amendments guarantee our Freedoms from the government. The 9th and 10th Amendments affirms all other powers not enumerated in the Constitution belong to the States and the Individual.


For over 100 years, every level of government has expanded their authority becoming too big and too powerful thus diminishing our inalienable rights. We support policies that protect our rights and our freedoms and reduce government intrusions into our lives and our wallets. We believe we have the responsibility to exercise self-governance over the legislators that we elect and hold them accountable for their campaign commitments. We strive to keep an open dialogue with our elected representatives and work in partnership on issues that sustain our rights and freedoms.

Free Market Economies   –Economic Freedom

Each branch of government has the duty to create opportunities that will grow the economy and allow businesses to prosper, whether local or in Washington DC. Our elected officials also have the duty to keep governmental entities working efficiently and spending our tax dollars wisely by monitoring bureaucratic operations and budgets.

The second principle is whether the issue or candidate will help or hinder job growth at every level of government. In order for our country to be prosperous, we must be able to have a robust economy that improves our lives, not one that limits the ability of the job creators to improve their businesses. Jobs are the fuel for our economic engines.

Fiscal Responsibility  -Debt Free Future

The prime reason the Tea Party exists is because we have seen our elected leaders spend so much money that in the last 10 years the national debt has increased from $7.6 trillion to an unfathomable total of almost $20 trillion. States, counties, and cities have also spent without restraints or transparency resulting in increasing taxes that make it difficult to support our families.


This is the first time in history that the debt is so huge that it will take generations to pay it off. We are leaving our children and grandchildren a horrendous tax burden and we have no idea where the money went. So, the issues we support must not contribute to creating more government or increasing government spending.

Secure the Borders  –Rule of Law and National Sovereignty

Lastly, but most important, we recognize that without secure borders we cannot protect our citizens or national sovereignty. We have no idea who has come into our country, where they are or if they are criminals or have dangerous communicable diseases. We are not a country without a secure border.

We are a nation of legal immigrants who have flourished like no other nation before us. Illegal’s wantonly coming across the border are destabilizing the economy by flooding the jobs market causing the highest unemployment and under-employment rates in history; reducing the average annual wages that support 

families by $5,000 just since 2009; changing our standard of living; flooding our tax payer funded welfare systems; eroding our school standards; breaking the American Dream.

In short, without secure borders we cannot have limited government, free markets or any fiscal responsibility. In order to restore the American Dream, we must provide secure borders to protect our Freedoms and Liberties.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  --- Margaret Mead



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