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Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO)

SVMPO is the designated transportation planning organization for the urbanized area of Sierra Vista and surrounding Cochise County.

The SVMPO plans and coordinates surface transportation activities and improvements to maintain a comprehensive, cooperative and continuing multiagency transportation planning program for the Sierra Vista region.


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Sheriff Dannels takes the southern border to the northern border:

ND Counties Annual Conference: Security of Our Southern Border

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Public Meetings - October

County Board of Supervisors

BOS Hearing Room

1415 Melody Ln, Bisbee

October 8, 2019



July 30, Tuesday 11am


Retain Attorneys for Adjudication


July 23 Tuesday 11:00am


Highway Annual Work Plan


July 23 Tuesday 10am



July 16 Tuesday 11:00am


CSA Presentation


July 9 Tuesday 1:30pm


Development Fee Increases


July 9 Tuesday 10am



July 2, Tuesday 2pm


Strategic Plan- Committee Appointments


City of Sierra Vista

City Council

Council Chambers,

City Hall

October 8, 2019 Tuesday 3pm




October 10, 2019  Thursday 5pm




October 22, Tuesday 3pm




October 24, 2019 Thursday 5pm




July 10, 2019 4PM


BOS Hearing Room

1415 Melody Ln, Bisbee


July 9, Tuesday 6pm

SVUSD Board Meeting


Administration Building

3555 E Fry Blvd


Other Public Meetings

of  Interest

City of Sierra Vista

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News From City Hall

Recycling drop-off center opens today


The City of Sierra Vista Recycling Center opens today and any area residents, whether living in the City or not, are encouraged to drop off recyclables at no charge. 


The staffed recycling facility is located at 7201 E. Hwy 90 at mile marker 325, adjacent to the Cochise County Refuse Transfer Station. It is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


The commodities accepted are:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs with the numbers 1 and 2 on them. Examples include soda and water bottles, liquid laundry detergent jugs, and milk jugs. Please remember to remove any labels and caps. 

  • Corrugated cardboard (the kind with the wavy lines in the middle). Please place all other fiberboard (like cereal boxes and paper towel cores) in your green trash bin.

  • Aluminum and steel ("tin") cans, like soda cans and soup cans.

Please be sure to wash recyclables and remove both lids and labels. While they do not need to be pre-sorted, sorting them ahead of time will help our staff and make the process quicker!


The City has transitioned to a staffed drop-off facility, replacing its curbside recycling program, due to the global decline in demand for recyclables resulting from China no longer accepting certain materials and requiring all materials to meet much lower contamination rates than in the past. 


Having a staffed facility ensures the materials will have minimum contamination and retain as much value as possible, making it pencil out for a private vendor to transport, store, and market the materials.  




Track what the City Departments are doing in these bi-monthly reports


Cochise County

Contact Information for the Supervisors

Supervisors Office: 520-462-9200 Email All Board Members:  

or Dist 1 Tom Borer    

Dist 2 Ann English      

Dist 3 Peggy Judd

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SVMPO Sierra Vista Municipal Planning Organization 

NEXT MEETING:  September 19th 3:00pm

City Managers Conference Room, City Hall


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The Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO)


is the designated transportation organization for the southeastern Cochise County region, in Arizona.  We are a policy and planning agency serving the City of Sierra Vista, the Town of Huachuca City and portions of urbanizing Cochise County, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation.  We share information and build consensus among our three-member jurisdictions on regional transportation programs, plans and projects.

This website provides you with information about our agency and the programs, plans and projects we are working on to improve your regional transportation system.

State of Arizona

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Office of the Governor  August 16, 2019

Coming Together For Justice
Governor Ducey Signs Bill Taking Action For Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women And Girls
Across the United States, tribal communities are facing a hidden crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women. This week, Governor Ducey signed H.B. 2570 — legislation to bring together law enforcement, civic leaders, Native American tribes and more to find solutions. 

Arizona Republic: Ducey Signs Bill Into Law That Will Study Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women
"Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed into law a bill to create a task force that will investigate and gather data about missing and murdered Indigenous women. 

"The committee will serve as a way to assess the scope of the problem and identify methods to address cases involving missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, or MMNWG."

Governor Ducey Recognizes Navajo Code Talker Day
Governor Ducey issued a proclamation recognizing August 14, 2019 as Arizona Navajo Code Talkers Day in honor of the Navajo Code Talkers’ extraordinary service to our nation during World War II.

Beyond The Numbers: State Trooper Pay Raises
Arizona’s fiscally conservative, balanced budget provides $74.7 million for raises to public safety personnel including $21 million for a 10 percent pay increase for State Troopers. It also provides raises for public safety personnel totaling more than 14,400 public employees — about 40 percent of the state workforce.

Word On The Street: Back To School
Through initiatives like the Arizona Teachers Academy, teacher certification reform, results-based funding, 20% teacher pay raises by 2020, new flexible dollars for maintenance, upkeep and more, Arizona is focused on setting up of all our state's students for success. 

Governor Ducey Orders Flags At Half Staff To Honor White Mountain Apache Chairman Ronnie Lupe
Governor Doug Ducey ordered flags at all state buildings be lowered to half-staff from sunrise to sunset Thursday, August 15, 2019 to honor the life of former Chairman Ronald “Ronnie” Lupe of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, who passed away earlier this week.

Arizona’s Rainy Day Fund Bolstered To Record $1 Billion Balance
From a $1 billion deficit to $1 billion in our Rainy Day Fund, Arizona has never been better prepared for our future. By saving these dollars, Arizona is better equipped to protect our growing investments in areas like K-12 public education, public safety and child safety while avoiding the budget gimmicks and band-aids of the past.

Rainy day fund.PNG

Arizona Senators

Senator McSally Newsletter.PNG

NEWSLETTER August 9th, 2019

Visit​ing  Mohave County 

During my 15-county tour earlier this year , I heard from hundreds of Arizonans from every corner of the state about what matters most to them.

In Mohave County, I heard so much about the desperate need for water security.

And then, I did something about it.  I teamed up U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva—and introduced the Drought Contingency Plan as legislation . We put the bipartisan drought legislation on the president’s desk in a mere six days.

This week, I went back to Mohave County and participated in a healthcare roundtable with community leaders, doctors, and experts .  

We discussed how the opioid crisis and access to health care are front of mind in Mohave County, and how there are very limited treatment options for those suffering from addiction – especially in these rural areas.

It was evident that much more needs to be done to combat the opioid crisis ravaging our communities while ensuring those with chronic diseases and pain have access to prescriptions they need. 

One thing that is clear to me: there is a lack of addiction treatment, mental health providers and other healthcare specialists in Mohave County. We must find ways to increase access to care by incentivizing doctors and specialists to come work in this rural community.  

Dr. Ben Venger at TriState Pain shared with me the new technologies his team is using to provide integrative pain management in the tri-state area. I met with patients with life long diseases who used to be addicted to opioids but are benefiting from other treatment options to improve their quality of life.

We also must make sure that the federal government doesn’t penalize individuals who have been prescribed painkillers for legitimate chronic pain. Far too often, patients suffering from pain are turned away at pharmacies because the stigma associated with filling painkiller prescriptions.

I’ll be taking what I heard back to DC to get to work. Take a moment and let me know what’s at the top of your mind , by contacting me today

 Stay in touch by visiting my Facebook  and Twitter  pages and as always, don’t hesitate to contact me  if I can help in any way. Visit my website at this link  to learn how my office can assist you if you have a problem with a federal agency like the VA, Social Security, or Medicare.

Stay in touch by visiting my Facebook and Twitter pages and as always, don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help in any way. Visit my website at this link to learn how my office can assist you if you have a problem with a federal agency like the VA, Social Security, or Medicare.

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Senator Krysten Sinema   Update

Good news: the Senate just passed two bills I introduced for Arizona veterans. 

Our bills help vets reach the dream of homeownership and protect them from predatory lending, and make American Legion membership and benefits available to vets who were previously not eligible

Coming from a military family - and as a member of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee - improving veterans' services is personal to me. I'll always work across the aisle to improve veterans' health care, expand education and job opportunities, and hold the VA accountable.

I promised Arizonans I'd ignore the chaos to keep cutting through the dysfunction to get things done for Arizona. That's exactly what I'm doing.

Here's what else we're working on to support our veterans, servicemembers, and military families:

➡️ Fixing an error in the tax law that unfairly taxes our Gold Star Families

➡️ Teaming up with the family of SGT Daniel Somers, an Arizona veteran who lost his life to suicide, to strengthen servicemembers' networks of support

➡️ Working with leaders at the VA to improve the care our vets are getting

➡️ Hearing from our Veterans Advisory Council to learn about what AZ vets need and what we can do to fix the problems AZ vets face

Listening to Arizonans about the issues they're facing is the most important part of my job. Have an idea on how we can help our Arizona veterans? Let us know here.

Sinema signature.PNG

Washington, DC

825 B&C Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: (202) 224-4521


2200 East Camelback Road, Suite 120
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: (602) 598-7327

Your Right to Know What Your Representatives are Doing for YOU.

Arizona Congressional Districts

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Congressional District 2

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Congressional District 4

Gosar Washington Update.PNG

For Immediate ReleaseDate: Thursday, July 11, 2019 

Contact: Ben Goldey


Gosar Statement on Passage of his Critical Minerals Amendment


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after House passage of Gosar Amendment #165 to the National Defense Authorization Act eliminating American dependency on critical minerals from China by 2035:

"The supply of critical minerals are essential to our economy, vital defense systems, and national security. There is no good reason we should rely on the good will of China for materials that are abundantly available in the United States. The passage of my amendment will reduce our reliance on China, bolster our country’s economy and support American manufacturing jobs."


In May of 2019, Chinese state media proposed the idea of completely banning critical mineral exports to the United States. Currently, the United States relies on China for 20 different critical minerals which include several rare earth materials defined by the Department of Defense. Critical minerals are also crucial to the production of missile guidance systems, sonar on submarines, satellite communications, computers, and iPhones.

In past geopolitical disputes, the Chinese have used this asymmetric leverage to their benefit. In 2010, China sharply limited rare earth exports to Japan, a big consumer, while the two countries were sparring over disputed islands. The Trump administration has made concerted efforts to reduce critical mineral vulnerability from China.

Gosar Amendment #165 was cosponsored by Rep. Mark Amodei (NV-2), Rep. Jody Hice (GA-10), Rep. Pete Stauber (MN-8), Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-3), Rep. Vicky Hartzler (MO-4), Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-1).

Text of Gosar Amendment #165 can be viewed HERE.



Gosar footer.PNG

Congressional District 5

Congressman Andy Biggs.PNG

July 26, 2019

Happy Friday –

This month, House Democrats passed legislation that could lead to the unemployment of 3.7 Americans by 2025.

Under this legislation, Arizona could potentially lose up to 23,753 jobs.

The United States is currently enjoying an economic resurgence that rivals any in our modern history. Unemployment is under 4%. Thousands of jobs are being created each month. Wages are rising. Consumer confidence is growing. And small business optimism is very high. Yet, instead of joining President Trump and Republicans to sustain this economic momentum, Democrats are charging toward one-size-fits-all policies that will reverse the progress we’ve made. 

We further the prosperity of everyday Americans by enacting pro-growth policies that empower individuals, families, and business owners to keep more of their own money and champion their own economic destinies – not by mandating intrusive and job-killing government regulations on economic drivers.

I will continue to fight in Congress for an economic agenda that will actually grow family and business income, as well as increase employment.

As always, I am extremely humbled by the trust that you have bestowed upon me and honored to serve as your Congressman.


Andy Biggs

Biggs footer.PNG

Congressional District 6

Schweikert Newsletter.PNG

July 28, 2019  NEWSLETTER

Dear Friend,

Thank you to all of the constituents that submitted recognitions last week for Arizonans who are working hard for others in our community. I look forward to continuing to receive these recognitions, and to honor the hard work of these individuals and businesses.

This past week was a busy one in Washington, D.C. Here's a look into the work I did!

Putting a Stop to Illegal Robocalls

I am proud of my House colleagues for coming together to pass the bipartisan 'Stopping Bad Robocalls Act.' This legislation will put an end to the illegal robocalls we all are constantly receiving, and I look forward to seeing this legislation signed into law.

For more information about what the legislation will do, you can read the legislation here

Fiscal Irresponsibility 

This week, we passed a Budget Act on the House Floor. This deal would amend the remaining Budget Control Act (BCA) caps on discretionary spending to increase them by $321.5 billion for Fiscal Year 2020 and Fiscal Year 2021. 

This budget plan fails to offer a solution to offset the added costs and puts our fiscal responsibilities on the back burner for another 2 years. I joined Fox Business with Neil Cavuto to discuss my frustration with this legislation before the House voted to pass it on the Floor. Click the photo above to watch my interview. 

Schweikert on Cavuto  debt.PNG

Pushing Our Pension Crisis Further

The House passed legislation to provide a government bailout for all union leaders who falsely led their employees to believe their retirement pensions were safe. These employees are fully deserving of their retirement benefits, but the legislation passed will create even more problems. 

We need to have an honest conversation about this issue to create a well-rounded and holistic solution. This bill will only help a portion of retirees, while leaving the remainder left to believe they will be helped. I urge my Democratic colleagues to come back to the drawing board to find a solution that we can have passed by both chambers, and signed into law to help fix this crisis once and for all. 

Click the photo below to watch me speak on the House Floor about this legislation. 

Schweikert Pension floor speech.PNG

Small Business Spotlight 

We presented the Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation with a Small Business Spotlight award for the work they do for special needs children in the Arizona community. The ranch offers camps and retreats designed to foster nurturing interactions between children and animals, such as horses, residing at the Ranch. 

Thank you, Whispering Hope Ranch, for the work you do to support children with special needs. For more information about their work, be sure to check out their website

Thank you for reading my weekly e-newsletter, I look forward to communicating with you again. 


David Schweikert

Schweikert footer.PNG

Congressional District 8

Debbie Lesko CD8.PNG

The Mueller Investigation is Over...

This week, I was able to question Special Counsel Robert Mueller when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee. I pointed out that in one of his answers, he contradicted himself from an official statement he had issued previously. He later had to correct his erroneous statement after I pointed out the contradiction. We learned nothing new from this hearing, and it certainly was not the rallying cry for impeachment that the Democrats were hoping for. Now that Mueller has come to Capitol Hill to testify, my Democratic colleagues should finally accept the fact that this investigation is over. You can watch my line of questioning here:

Six New Immigration Bills

We are experiencing an unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border. In Arizona, we see the effects of this crisis every day. Congress’ failure to work together to secure our border and fix our broken immigration system is unacceptable. That is why I introduced six immigration bills to address some of the root causes of the border crisis. With the large influx of migrants crossing the border into America, these bills will reform our asylum system, increase the number of immigration judges and detention beds, and allow dangerous aliens to be detained. These six bills represent some of the immediate steps we can take to restore order at our border. Click  here or below to read more:

Rep. Lesko introduces 6 immigration bills to get to ‘root of border crisis’

Stopping Bad Robocalls

Something we can all agree on -- we need less of those pesky robocalls! This week, I voted in support of the bipartisan Stopping Bad Robocalls Act, to verify telephone numbers, stop spam calls, and protect consumers from scams over the phone.

Casework Highlight

A constituent contacted my office because he had been unable to get any response to requests for his Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card to document his eligibility to work in the United States. He tried reaching out to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on several occasions, but he never got a response from them concerning the status of his card application. My staff reached out to USCIS and they confirmed the card was sent to the wrong address. We gave USCIS the correct address and requested the card be re-sent to that address. The constituent confirmed he received his new card in less than two weeks from the date he contacted us.


May God continue to bless you and our great Nation.

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