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Editor's Note:

Just when we get the majority in both houses of Congress and have a supporter of the TEA Party platform in the White House, activists decided to take a rest.   Then, too many voters decide sit out the 2018 election and we once again have Pelosi in charge of the House. 
After all the mess that has been going on with the 2 year Mueller investigation dud, the Dems going after members of the Trump administration in  public spaces; leaking of classified info, and constant threats of impeachment for absolutely nothing but innuendo and guesses it should be obvious we need everyone to get back in the game and get engaged again. 
We don't have to march in the streets or have rallies, but we do need to make our presence felt by those we elect especially those at the local levels.  We can, and have had, more successes with our local electeds than with those in the swamp.  However, with the current events in DC it's time to step up.
Now, it is time to broaden our scope and rein in and influence our Congress critters as well as those that step forward as candidates for those offices.
So, as we a now getting knee deep in the 2020 election cycle, we will be making opportunities available for you to "Get Involved."    We'll post those opportunities here and let you know whats up and what you can do to 
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National Day of Action   

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Make your plans to visit the local office of your Representative on Wednesday, October 9th – no matter if he or she is a Republican or a Democrat – to tell them STOP this illegitimate attempt to impeach the President! Mark your calendar NOW, get commitments from others to join you

Make Calls to your Representative


Use this to call your Representative (whether Dem or GOP!).


Hi, my name is [Your Name] and I live in [City, State]. I’m calling to urge Representative [Name] to forcefully oppose the impeachment of President Trump! This witch hunt is an injustice to the President and the millions of Americans that voted him into office, and it is a travesty for our country, our system of government, our elections, and our Constitution. Just last week, Rep. Adam Schiff literally made up parts of the transcript and read them aloud to the committee, only claiming it was a parody when he was publicly caught in his lies. This so-called impeachment inquiry is a farce and will damage our nation for a long time if allowed to go through. Put a stop to this NOW. I will make sure to keep track of how my Representative behaves and votes on this issue. Thank you.


Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats  are so determined to undo the results of the 2016 election that they will stoop to any level and resort to whatever deception is necessary to achieve their goals. Her new “official impeachment inquiry” is more of the same – lies and attacks deployed to dismantle our Constitution, our elections, and our liberty – to secure more power for herself and her party over a free American people.  

If this newest impeachment effort had anything to do with national security, we would have heard the same screams from Democrats on Capitol Hill years ago, when then-Vice President Joe Biden was leveraging U.S. aid to Ukraine to engineer the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating a company on whose board his son sat. As it happened, there was utter silence.

As such, we the undersigned declare our full support for President Trump, and reject Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ efforts to overturn the free and fair presidential election in 2016, and we call on our fellow Americans to speak out against this travesty.   CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE PETITION

Recruit People:

Recruit as many people as you can to join you – get hard commitments from them! Use the email template below to send out to your network. Make sure to plug in the address of the office you will visit, and edit as you see fit.

Use this note to invite your network to join you on Wednesday, October 9th.


I’m writing to you today to ask you to come with me when I visit Representative [Name] next Wednesday, October 9th at noon to share our disgust at the Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump based on lies and yet another hoax. The address of the office is [Insert Office Address].

President Trump has been attacked as no other President in history has been, and the Democrats’ efforts to steal your vote and undo the 2016 election has gone beyond merely irritating. It is absolutely a danger to our entire system of government, our Constitution, our elections, and our freedom. Just last week, Democrat Adam Schiff , the Chairman of the committee responsible for the impeachment inquiry read from a document that he claimed was the transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President. Except, it wasn’t!

 He literally made up a fake transcript and read that out in committee, as evidence of why they should impeach President Trump. Someone called him out, and when caught, he said he was just reading a parody. We all know that’s a lie, for many reasons it is obvious that is a lie. He was ready to submit a straight up fabrication to impeach this President – which means the Democrats will literally stop at nothing to destroy President Trump and steal our 2016 votes.

Help me make a huge showing at Representative [Name]’s office on October 9th. Our country can’t survive much more of these coup attempts. Please reply and confirm that you will join me!

New How-To Guide: “Defend President Trump: The Anti-Impeachment How-to Guide”

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