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Observing the Tea Party Principles of Smaller Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Debt Free Future and Secure Borders


A bit of history..... A “salonniere” is a woman who promoted and funded the most important writers, artists and philosophers of her day during the 17th and 18th Centuries.  Salonniere’s were agents of change, carefully crafting their discussions and selecting their participants and focusing, then, on the modern concepts of equality, democracy and individual liberty. The seeds of the French Revolution were said to come from the Salons.  

Artists, writers and philosophers, both men and women, found equal footing with aristocrats, members of the court and foreigners that furthered the “French Academy”. In fact, the concept of the Encyclopedia was born, written and funded through the French Academy.                              
With that in mind, we hope to stimulate discussion and commentary in the same spirit as those women of long ago to continue the cause of liberty and freedom

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