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2016  Archived Articles of Importance

There are 60 members of the House and 30 Members of the Senate. Each legislator is assigned to  one and usually 3 to 4 committees.  These committees have a regular schedule to hear bills after they have passed the preliminary readings in the full chamber of each house.  A complete list of the committees, members and bills to be heard is updated daily and can be found HERE for STANDING COMMITTEES. 


Senator Jeff Flake -Term Up 2018
All Things Hillary and Dems
Illegal Aliens

Vote November 8th

NFL, Anthem

City Council Meets Monthly the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, 5pm City Hall

Obama, Administration
Property Taxes

State Wide Property Tax Proposed to Fund Education.  Ducey's Classrooms First Initiative  proposes changing the education formula. There are several proposals on the table but so far none that require grade point averages to be tied to funding.

Soros' Open Society Plots

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George Soros has  targeted the US elections, international migration/refugees using the many NPO's" he funds to interfere every way possible. Following are examples of what he is doing and the webs he weaves:  

Soros Lobbied Obama-- Bribed? Promised? Accept 100,000  Refugees.. Obama Follows Orders

Southern Arizona Region

Tucson By-pass I-11 Big Taxpayer Waste to Benefit Pima County  FOIA request by AZ Daily Independent shows the fix was in before the project was even started resulting in $15 million fraud.  This article is an eye opener on the inner workings of ADOT, special interests, bureaucrats with an agenda. Strongly recommended reading


Avra Valley Residents Living in Limbo Since 2007  

This I-11 Highway was originally to run from Phoenix to Las Vegas as a fast route to fun for the millions living in the Valley of the Sun. Then Tucson decided it needed to go farther south and the Cana-Mex Highway was born. It was supposed to take advantage of the existing I-19 from Nogales to Tucson, I -10 to Phoenix then new construction from Phoenix to Las Vegas north on State Route 93.   It got more complicated when Mexico agreed to construct a larger port in Guaymas to accept goods from China. Instead of staying with the original route, County Manger Chuck Huckleberry pushed for another route, a by-pass from Nogales to Phoenix.  ADOT complied and created  a by-pass through Avra Valley and the I-11, now the"Sun Corridor", became THE way.   This is another must read.

Minimum  Wage Initiative Has New Hurdle Because of Invalid Signatures  The Petition drive to make the minimum wage in Arizona be $12.00 per hour is going throught the signature validation phase of the process.  A 5% sample of signatures on the petitions was returned to the Counties for verification by the Secretary of State's office.  3 Counties have reported  a total of 276 signatures cannot be found on the voter rolls.  Now the legal aspect begins.....

"Arizona Grassroots Action" PAC isn't grassroots and isn't in Arizona.  This is the group that is flooding the internet and TV with "Chemtrail Kelli" and other nasty false ads about Kelli Ward. This PAC is comprised of "friends of John McCain"--which are the same people but NOT a legitimate organization complying with Federal election laws.  These are the same people who have been funding McCain for years. The question is, what does he give them in return??

TEA Party


Join the Cochise County TEA Party -  Make a Difference

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All Things TRUMP

DRUDGE REPORT: Trump 80.2%Clinton 19.8%  200K Voting    CNN: Clinton  62%, Trump 27%  521 voting

BREITBART: Trump 76% Clinton 24% 214K voting    TIME: Trump 58% Clinton 42% 915,8824 voters!!!

Debunking Trump Media Lies:


 Most Damaging Wikileaks.Com   Great Wikileaks Compilation Website!!! Top 100--New Leaks--Old Leaks--Media Collusion  

Video Bank

Join the Cochise County TEA Party     Hillary Speech, Crazy Eyes    Trump Speech 10/29/2016 7th Visit to AZ